Adjektiv – oversettelsesoppgaver

Oversett til norsk:

1. Yesterday we saw a green bird in the garden.
2. My grandmother lives in an old house.
3. The yellow car belongs to my uncle.
4. My brother has bought the big house on the hill.
5. He loves tall girls.
6. Several famous researchers visited the university last week.
7. Norway has many high mountains.
8. I like the brown chairs in the living room.
9. I also like the black tables.
10. Some of the Swedish girls never came back.

11. Many of the houses are red.
12. I think it is a French flag.
13. It is a very difficult question.
14. I would like to buy the cheapest curtains.
15. All the cars in the parking lot are red.
16. A frightened dog can be dangerous.
17. The dogs were frightened.
18. Do you want the hard or the soft pillow? The soft one!
19. My boyfriend’s house is red.
20. You guys have a messy bathroom.

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