Perfektum – oversettelsesoppgaver

Oversett til norsk:

1. She had never been so afraid.
2. Have you already made breakfast?
3. You can’t talk to him without having contacted his boss first.
4. The work is already done.
5. After having eaten the cake, they started drinking soda.
6. When you get home, the guest will have left.
7. By Christmas Eve, we will have bought all the gifts.
8. Before we meet again, we will both have gained weight.
9. We should have started five hours ago.
10. They would have done it if you hadn’t yelled at them.

11. He was awarded a prize for having invented a new car.
12. Before I met you, I had never been in love.
13. It would have been nice to get a hug.
14. It is great to have met him.
15. I have never done something that interesting.
16. The food will be eaten when you get there.
17. You shouldn’t have said that.
18. I have accomplished what I wanted.
19. I’m sure that song will be sung.
20. My cousin had always been so lively.

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