Adverb – oversettelsesoppgaver

Oversett følgende setninger til norsk.
Ikke oversett direkte, men bruk idiomatisk norske uttrykksmåter med adverb.

1. So far nothing has happened.
2. We have to do this differently.
3. She will probably not perform today.
4. Kenneth didn’t make it either.
5. She speaks much too fast.
6. The carpenter just arrived.
7. He didn’t eat dinner tonight. He doesn’t like chicken, you see.
8. However, the Czech Republic is not my favourite destination.
9. Finally, they reached their uncle’s cabin up by the mountain.
10. I rarely pick berries nowadays.

11. You have to speak very clearly, so that he can understand.
12. I’m not outside now, but I will come inside soon.
13. Possibly, they will be here before midnight.
14. I guess it’s too late.
15. Have you never met them? Yes, I have met them twice.
16. He was the very best bicyclist in the country.
17. She is even better than her sister.
18. He’s always here on time.
19. We can finally open the road that has been closed for two moths.
20. He died. You see, he had been sick for a long time.

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