Hjelpeverb – oversettelsesoppgaver

Oversett til norsk:

1. The manager has never talked to us.
2. They had already left.
3. Tomorrow it will probably rain.
4. The computer has become very slow lately.
5. I will take the exam in three weeks.
6. You shouldn’t say such things.
7. Do you know how to play the guitar?
8. Can you help your grandfather on Sunday?
9. He is supposedly very rich. (bruk å skulle)
10. Let me help you with this!

11. After having cleaned the apartment, the lady went home.
12. I will probably not get to see him grow up.
13. We must finish this project before midnight.
14. They have to move by the end of the month.
15. Would you like a cup of tea?
16. I want candy now.
17. This can’t be true!
18. Why did you let her drive?
19. You shall not steal!
20. You ought to be more focused.

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